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Top Draw Pickup Tube – Free With Purchase

Top Draw Pick Up Tube retrofits any ball or pin lock keg, and constantly maintains the beer pick up at 1″ below the surface of the beer. Place any order $99.99 or more, and enter coupon code TOP for a free Top Draw Dip Tube! A $19.99 value. Expires Friday, 2/1/19 at midnight.

Counterflow Wort Chiller 1 Day Sale w/ Coupon Code


Deal of the day!  Use coupon code BEERDEAL.  The inner tube is made from 12′ of 5/8″ convoluted (twisted) copper which continually turbulates the wort as it flows through. The outer tube is made from 7/8″ copper. The Convolutus counterflow chiller allows you to pump wort through without having to restrict your pump to slow down flow. Use 1/2″ line to connect to wort in and out feeds. The water connections are male and female 3/4″ hose connections.

Original Price:  $239.99.   Sale Price: $194.99!  1 Day only!

Keg Sale – 5gal Ball Lock $65 new, $35 used


AiH has a smoking deal on kegs!

  • New 5gal ball lock kegs – Original Price:  $119.99.  Sale Price $65.00
  • Used 5gal ball lock kegs – Original Price: $69.99.  Sale Price $35.00
  • More options, sizes on sale including bulk orders!

Hop Rhizome Pre Sale!

Product Photo

Now available for discounted pre order!   Choose from a variety of different rhizome varietals.  Columbus Rhizome grows best in hot, dry climates.  Cascade Rhizome is suitable for all climates.   The Golding Rhizome is best suited for mild, moist climates and is a great hop for English ales.  Other great options available as well.

Regular Price:  $5.99.  Sale Price:  $4.25

Dual Faucet Jockey Box: Sale $179.99


Just add ice!  Be the envy of your tailgating friends at the next game with this Jockey Box. This 28 qt insulated cooler comes equipped with 2 draft faucets and handles, each faucet shank is connected to a 50 foot stainless steel cooling coil and an entry shank.

Original price: $279.99.  Sale Price:  $179.99.

Storage Container Set for Brewing Salts

This is the perfect solution to organizing all of those brewing salts and various brewing ingredients.  Set of 6 compartments with different colors, convenient storage for each ingredient.

Current price:  .

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Chugger Pump Sale

Chugger is the first pump made specifically by brewers for brewers.  Featuring a robust flow rate of 7 gpm, and a magnetic drive designed to handle back-pressure, Chugger pumps are a great addition to any brewing setup.  These pumps are Comparable to the popular March pumps in virtually every way except feature a 25 percent more powerful motor (1/20HP instead of 1/25HP) and Stainless steel heads. 1/2″ mpt inlet and outlet. Food Grade up to 250° F.

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Golden Promise Malt – 55 lb Sack – Sale $59.99

Product Photo.jpeg

Golden Promise is a great base malt that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:  New England IPAs, German Lagers, Czech pilsners and Belgian specialties.  Fawcett Malting. (1.1L)

Original Price: $62.99.  Sale Price: $59.99