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Top Draw Pickup Tube – Free With Purchase

Top Draw Pick Up Tube retrofits any ball or pin lock keg, and constantly maintains the beer pick up at 1″ below the surface of the beer. Place any order $99.99 or more, and enter coupon code TOP for a free Top Draw Dip Tube! A $19.99 value. Expires Friday, 2/1/19 at midnight.

Keg Sale – 5gal Ball Lock $65 new, $35 used


AiH has a smoking deal on kegs!

  • New 5gal ball lock kegs – Original Price:  $119.99.  Sale Price $65.00
  • Used 5gal ball lock kegs – Original Price: $69.99.  Sale Price $35.00
  • More options, sizes on sale including bulk orders!

Brewer’s Edge Micro Regulators – 15% Off (ends Wednesday)


The Brewer’s Edge® Micro Regulator combines the precision of a Mini Regulator, with the portability of a simple gas injector.

Sale 15% off at Williams Brewing – Ends Wednesday, 11/15/17, at midnight (PST).

0-30 PSI range, adjustable with the calibrated top knob.  Takes all standard 16 gram threaded and 74 gram threaded C02 cartridges.  Use to conveniently dispense and force carbonate. Includes a ¼ female flare fitting, to fit threaded gas ball lock disconnects.  The flared outlet on the side that goes to the stainless ball lock fitting can be unscrewed and leaves a 1/8″ female NPT port.

Cornelius Keg Fermenter Lid – Sale $10.99


What a great way to use your corny keg as a fermenter.  Simply replace your existing lid with this Keg Fermenter Lid to turn your Cornelius keg into a fermentation vessel!

Original Price: $15.99.  On Sale:  $10.99.

Lids have a 3/4″ inch port hole for an airlock bung and include a lid o-ring, twin-bubble airlock, and #3 bung.


Corny Keg Lid With Welded Tab – Sale $16.99


This corny keg lid has a tab welded to the bottom that you can suspend a muslin bag or strainer in your keg for easy retrieval.  Perfect for adding dry hops, oak, or cocoa nibs in your keg!  Normally $24.99 this is on sale for $16.99.

New 2.5 Gal Mini Kegs on Sale for $75

25-gallon-keg-smooth-aih.jpg.jpegIf you’ve ever wanted to split a 5gal batch in half to try different dry hop combos, this is a great option if you dry hop in a keg.  2.5 Gal Mini Kegs at AIH are marked down from $119.00 to a sale price of $75.00!

Taprite Three Gauge CO2 Regulator

Product Photo.jpeg

UPDATE 10/18/17:  MoreBeer coupon code has expired.  However you can still find some great Taprite dual-gauge regulators, such as this Taprite T752HP.  Control multiple kegs at different PSI to match style, or use the 2nd gauge for force carbonation without affecting another keg already on tap.

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EXPIRED:  Considered the “gold standard” of CO2 regulators, the Taprite Three Gauge CO2 Regulator D1065 is MoorBeer!’s Deal of the Day.  Normally priced at $135.99, it’s on sale for $115.99 for 1 day only (10/17/17)!  Use Coupon Code BEERDEAL at checkout.

Dry Hop in keg with SS Dry Hop Filter Tube

61VMLnoUdIL._SL1001_.jpg.jpegTired of dealing with muslin bags?  Enter the perfect solution for dry hopping right in your Cornelius Keg!  29x7cm stainless steel filter tube lets you fill it with leaf or pellet hops and easily drop it right into the keg!

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Stock up on keg gaskets


There’s nothing worse than a CO2 leak due to an old keg lid or diptube gasket.  Don’t fall victim to not having a few extras on hand, or failing to replace them as a pre-emptive measure every so often.

  • This complete O-ring set replaces all the gaskets you will need to refurbish five used home brew kegs
  • Universal kit – fits Ball Lock (Pepsi) and Pin Lock (Coke) kegs!
  • O-Ring Set Includes: (5) Lid Closure O-Rings (10) Ball Lock Tank Plug O-Rings (10) Pin Lock Tank Plug O-Rings (10) Universal Dip Tube O-Rings

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