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Golden Promise Malt – 55 lb Sack – Sale $59.99

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Golden Promise is a great base malt that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:  New England IPAs, German Lagers, Czech pilsners and Belgian specialties.  Fawcett Malting. (1.1L)

Original Price: $62.99.  Sale Price: $59.99


Sale: $200 Off The Grainfather Connect


The Grainfather Connect is an advanced all-in-one grain automated 5gal brewing system, and normally sells for $999.99.  Save $200 if purchased by 12/17/17!

The Grainfather is a 110 volt compact self contained RIMS mashing, boiling, and cooling system for mashing 5 gallon batches of beer. This runs on any 110 volt 20 amp rated plug with a GFCI.  It features a 6 watt recirculating pump for the mashing stage, and a separate counter flow wort chiller that you insert into the Grainfather when it is time to cool the 5 gallon batch after the electric powered boil. The boil is handled by a 1600 watt heating element.

Original Price:  $999.98.  On Sale:  $799.98

Pocket Size Digital pH Meter – Sale

2017-10-26_12-20-12.pngYet another tool to dramatically improve the outcome and consistency of all-grain brewing, the pH meter is an essential component to your testing regimen.  The Jellas Pocket Size pH Digital Meter offers an accurate, full measuring range from 0-14 pH with 0.1 pH resolution with a reliable, quick readout.

Uses for the pH meter are limitless in homebrewing, as pH impacts enzyme activity of your mash, perception of flavor, control of tannin extraction, and even fine tuning head retention and preventing contamination.  pH control is also an important measurement for souring, mixed fermentation, and other advanced methods.  Great deal on an affordable pH meter!

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Stainless Steel Domed False Bottom (12″ Diameter) – Sale $35.99 (1 Day Only!)

Product Photo.jpegThis false bottom fits great inside a 10 gallon beverage container (i.e., 10gal Rubbermaid Cooler) to complete your mash tun.  Made from stainless steel with 3/32” perforated holes on 5/32” centers. 3/8″ barb for tubing connection.  It’s marked down from $42.99 to a sale price of $35.99 for 1 day only:  Morebeer’s Deal of the Day