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Keg Sale – 5gal Ball Lock $65 new, $35 used


AiH has a smoking deal on kegs!

  • New 5gal ball lock kegs – Original Price:  $119.99.  Sale Price $65.00
  • Used 5gal ball lock kegs – Original Price: $69.99.  Sale Price $35.00
  • More options, sizes on sale including bulk orders!

Dual Faucet Jockey Box: Sale $179.99


Just add ice!  Be the envy of your tailgating friends at the next game with this Jockey Box. This 28 qt insulated cooler comes equipped with 2 draft faucets and handles, each faucet shank is connected to a 50 foot stainless steel cooling coil and an entry shank.

Original price: $279.99.  Sale Price:  $179.99.

Deluxe Yeast Starter Kit – $59.99


The most important part of brewing is high quality active yeast. The best way to ensure you have active yeast is to build a yeast starter.  This kit includes everything you will need to build a quality starter and ensure a fast start to your fermentation.

Original Price:  $75.99.  On Sale:  $59.99

Kit includes:
  • Keeper magnet used to lock the stir bar in place while the yeast is pitched so it won’t end up in your fermenter.
  • One 2000ML Erlenmeyer Flask
  • Bung and “S” Shape Airlock
  • One Wax Glass Marker
  • Stir Starter Stir Plate
  • Anti Foam Drops
  • One Pound Light Dry Malt Extract

Keg Faucet Adaptor Assembly – Sale $18.99


Use this keg faucet adapter assembly to make your keg more portable (or just to get away from that picnic tap).  Includes Ball Lock Disconnect, Faucet adapter, coupling nut, Chrome plated faucet and black faucet knob.

Original Price:  $24.99.  On Sale: $18.99

Cornelius Keg Fermenter Lid – Sale $10.99


What a great way to use your corny keg as a fermenter.  Simply replace your existing lid with this Keg Fermenter Lid to turn your Cornelius keg into a fermentation vessel!

Original Price: $15.99.  On Sale:  $10.99.

Lids have a 3/4″ inch port hole for an airlock bung and include a lid o-ring, twin-bubble airlock, and #3 bung.