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Deluxe Yeast Starter Kit – $59.99


The most important part of brewing is high quality active yeast. The best way to ensure you have active yeast is to build a yeast starter.  This kit includes everything you will need to build a quality starter and ensure a fast start to your fermentation.

Original Price:  $75.99.  On Sale:  $59.99

Kit includes:
  • Keeper magnet used to lock the stir bar in place while the yeast is pitched so it won’t end up in your fermenter.
  • One 2000ML Erlenmeyer Flask
  • Bung and “S” Shape Airlock
  • One Wax Glass Marker
  • Stir Starter Stir Plate
  • Anti Foam Drops
  • One Pound Light Dry Malt Extract

Great Price On Complete Oxygenation System with Pump

Oxygenating your wort prior to pitching the yeast is a vital step in the brewing process that many brewers do not pay much attention to.  Ideally your wort would have an oxygen level of 8 ppm (parts per million) however most brewers only achieve 2 without using an aeration system.  Using a wort aeration system will not only be far more safe than shaking your carboy around but will also contribute to lower final gravities, quicker fermentation, and a cleaner fermentation.  Manufactured in United States.

Current Price:

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Black Friday Deal: Catalyst Fermentation System

UPDATE 11/20/17:  Sale has now ended.

The Catalyst Fermentation System is an innovative piece of brewing equipment that allows you to perform 4 steps in a single vessel:  Primary, Secondary, Yeast Harvesting, and Bottling.  6.5 gallon capacity, mason jar attachment for kettle trub collection, yeast harvesting, stand included.

Current Price:

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Cornelius Keg Fermenter Lid – Sale $10.99


What a great way to use your corny keg as a fermenter.  Simply replace your existing lid with this Keg Fermenter Lid to turn your Cornelius keg into a fermentation vessel!

Original Price: $15.99.  On Sale:  $10.99.

Lids have a 3/4″ inch port hole for an airlock bung and include a lid o-ring, twin-bubble airlock, and #3 bung.


Fermentation Heat Pad


Controlling heat during fermentation is just as important for certain recipes as refrigeration is.  Many saison recipes recommend 80+ degrees F in order to achieve certain ester properties.  This fermentation heat pad can be placed under your carboy/fermenter and attached to a temperature controller such as the Inkbird ITC-308 (also on sale) to hold temperatures up to 100 degrees.

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7 gal SS Brewmaster Edition Fermenter – Sale $229 + free shipping!

Product Photo.jpeg

Regularly $255, it’s a steal for the sale price of $229 + free shipping!

“What really sets Ss Brewing Technologies Brewmaster Bucket apart from other fermenters is that it has a conical bottom that allows trub to settle out in a concentrated space that minimizes the surface area of the trub that is in contact with your beer.  The included Patent Pending Rotating Racking Valve allows you to rotate the racking arm inside the fermentor down during fermentation to minimize trub, after fermentation is complete, simply rotate the racking arm up to get nothing but crystal clear beer. Etched Volume Markers on the inside come in handy when filling.”  (via MoreBeer).


Inkbird Digital Temperature Controller


Once you begin controlling fermentation temps with a temperature controller, it takes your brewing to a whole new level.  The ITC306T Inkbird Digital Temperature Controller comes packed full of features.

Main Features (via Inkbird):

  • Plug and play design, easy to use;
  • Included temperature probe;
  • Dual time cycle setting;
  • Support reading with Centigrade or Fahrenheit unit;
  • Maximum output load: 1200W(110V) / 2200W(220V);
  • Dual display window, be able to display measured temperature and set temperature at the same time;
  • Temperature calibration;
  • Over-temperature and sensor fault alarm;
  • Build-in ultra-capacitor, after fully filled, it can supply timer chip working for more than 20 days without electricity.

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The Beer Bug – On Sale for $149.99

Product Photo.jpegThe Beer Bug measures the actual specific gravity, alcohol %, and temperature of your fermenting beer every minute and sends that information to your own free account online.  After set up you can log on at the TheBeerBug.com or via an app on your phone to see exactly how your fermentation is doing. Three graphs are created for each of your beers to log how specific gravity, alcohol %, and temperature changed over the course of the fermentation. The Beer Bug gives you the knowledge to make better beer, saves you time, and is a whole lot of fun to use.” (via MoreBeer)

Now on sale for $149.99 with free shipping (marked down from $199.99).